Ghosts, goblins, and ghouls—oh my!

Did you know the Halloween we know and love today may have had its roots in an ancient pagan festival that occurred at the end of the harvest season, right before the start of winter when the days were becoming shorter? During the festival, ancient pagans made sacrifices and burned ceremonial flames to ward off death, evil spirits, and misfortune.

While your Halloween traditions may be a little different from the ancient pagans, you may share their wish from 2,000 years ago, to protect your loved ones.

So how do you protect yourself from the things that go bump in the night?

Two words: life insurance!

The loss of a loved one, particularly if that person is a family’s primary breadwinner, can be exponentially compounded by things like financial loss and mounting pressures to pay for funeral costs, outstanding debts, housing expenses, food, and education costs.

Life insurance can help:

  • Preserve your family’s lifestyle
  • Protect against the impact of long-term debt
  • Complement your long-term financial plan

So, whether you plan to spend Halloween trick-or-treating with children, watching scary movies with friends, or seeing which of your co-workers has the best costume, Halloween presents us all with a unique opportunity to embrace the things that scare us most.

For about the cost of a pumpkin spice latte each month, you can protect your family for decades to come with a life insurance policy.

Rest in peace of mind with a life insurance policy from Bestow.