When you’re just starting out, investing can seem pretty confusing. There are so many terms and buzzwords that can hold you up, when the process really should be pretty straightforward.

That’s why we’re excited to tell you about Portfolio Builder, a new tool that can help you instantly build a diversified portfolio according to your risk profile, as you start your investment journey.

Portfolio Builder portfolios are designed to follow the Stash Way, which emphasizes diversification, regular investing, and investing for the long term.

And as you invest in a Portfolio Builder portfolio, you’ll learn by doing.

Portfolios built for risk, and for you

It’s important to realize that all investing involves risk, which means you can lose money as well as make money in the market. But within the world of risk, there are degrees, and you can map out your own investing strategy by choosing your level of risk.

With that in mind, Portfolio Builder has three risk levels, for conservative, moderate, and aggressive investors. Here’s what that means:

  • Conservative investors prefer stability, even if it means smaller gains—but still want some growth potential for their portfolio.
  • Moderate investors are looking to build stable portfolios, but are also willing to take on a little more risk in exchange for potentially higher long-term growth.
  • Aggressive investors are looking to maximize the long-term growth potential of their portfolio, even if that means sacrificing some stability and incurring bigger losses.

When you sign up for a Portfolio Builder portfolio, we’ll select one of three portfolios for you, based on the information you gave us about your risk tolerance when you signed up for Stash.

Built-in diversification

Then your money will be put into a group of globally diversified funds that meet your investment criteria. Here are the six funds where Stash will allocate your money:

While the funds stay the same, we’ll allocate your money based on your risk tolerance. More aggressive investors will tend to have more stocks, while more moderate and conservative investors will have more bonds.

For example, the average aggressive investor will have 93% or more of his or her portfolio in stocks, and the rest in bonds. By contrast, the average moderate investor will have about 70% in equities, and 30% in bonds. And the average conservative investor will skew about 50% stocks and 50% bonds.

So, if you have an aggressive risk profile, your portfolio may have a greater percentage of Up and Coming, an emerging market fund, or Small But Mighty smaller companies, both of which can provide more growth with slightly more risk. In contrast, someone with a conservative risk profile may have greater exposure to Broad USD Bonds, which contains Treasuries, known to be some of the safest investments out there.

Get started!

You can now access Portfolio Builder through the Stash app. And you can get started with as little as $5, although we recommend starting with a minimum of $20, so you can get the most out of the experience. Over time, you can manually add more cash to your portfolio whenever you want.

We’re so excited to be joining you on your investment journey, and we’re really pleased to offer Portfolio Builder as one more financial tool that can help you stay on track to meet your financial goals.

Be sure to check back frequently with us, as we’ll be updating Portfolio Builder to give you even more flexibility with your portfolio and your investments.

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