Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating romance. But for many people, there may not be a lot to love about spending money on candy and flowers.

The average consumer in the U.S. will spend $162 on Valentine’s Day gifts and activities, according to the National Retail Foundation (NRF). That includes spending on children, parents, coworkers, and friends, and not just significant others. Overall, Valentine’s Day 2019 is expected to spur nearly $21 billion in spending.

Average U.S. consumer spends on Valentine's Day
Expected spend of Valentine's Day - 2019

That’s a lot of Whitman’s Samplers.

And if you’re interested in finding out what everybody else is spending on, here’s what people will be shelling out this Valentine’s Day for the most popular gifts, according to the NRF.

The most popular Valentine’s Day gifts (and what they cost)

Greeting Cards

1. Candy

52% of consumers plan to buy sweets for their sweethearts.

Total spending is expected to total nearly $1.8 billion.

What you might want to spend: $10-$25.

2. Greeting cards

44% of Valentine’s Day shoppers will pick up a greeting card, because no one really expresses how you feel like a Hallmark copywriter.

Total spending on greeting cards should eclipse $933 million.

What you might want to spend: $5-$15.

3. Flowers

A nice bouquet is always a good bet on Valentine’s Day, and 35% of consumers are expected to buy $1.9 billion worth of flowers.

What you might want to spend: $15-$75.

4. Going out to dinner

V-Day dinners will account for $3.5 billion in spending by a third of consumers.

What you might want to spend: the average V-Day dinner tab is more than $170.

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