Introducing Stash Capital, our new broker-dealer.

You may have received an email from us regarding our upcoming broker-dealer change. To explain, a broker-dealer is an organization that trades securities, like the themed investments we offer. Since 2015, our broker-dealer has been Apex Clearing.

Beginning Feb. 24, 2018, Stash Capital (an affiliate of Stash) will be the new broker-dealer for your Stash Account. For all practical purposes, your account will remain exactly the same.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. There are no new fees.
  2. You don’t need to do anything. Really.

Ultimately, this is great news for you and us. By bringing our broker-dealer operations in-house, we will be able to better control our investing processes, so we can offer a wider range of investments, streamlined trading, and more services in the future.

Going forward, we will only be able to manage accounts that use Stash Capital as a broker-dealer. While you do have the option to stay with Apex Clearing as your introducing broker-dealer, if you do this, you will no longer be able to use Stash.

As always, please contact us if you have any questions.

Thanks for being a part of Stash.