At Stash, our customers come first.

We want you to be the smartest and best-informed investor you can be, and we want you to engage with your financial life so you can be a smart consumer of financial products and services. And to do that, we give our customers access to education and guidance.

That’s why we’re happy to introduce the latest version of Stash Coach. It’s a personalized financial coaching tool that you can access as part of the services we offer in the Stash app.

What is Stash Coach?

We’ve turned learning about investing and your financial life into a game. You can increase your investing knowledge by working your way through sets of challenges we’ve designed especially for you. And you’ll earn points along the way, showing you the progress you’re making.

How can Stash Coach help me?

Take challenges, level up and see your progress in real time. Stash Coach is there to offer encouragement and keep you on track.

We make it simple and fun. If you’ve been using Stash Coach before, you’ll see a lot more in our latest version:

More challenges, and more categories.

We start out by leading you through a beginner experience where we guide you step by step through the best tools to use to get the most out of Stash. Then, we’ll help guide you as you think about putting together your first portfolio. Along the way, Coach will test your knowledge of essentials, including building blocks for a diversified portfolio, what part bonds can play in investing, and eventually longer-term goals, such as retirement.

Weekly challenges.

Every week you’ll receive new challenges to take on, and they’ll include news scoops, fun stories, interactive trivia quizzes, as well as suggested portfolio picks, which will introduce you to new funds that can help you diversify your investments. You’ll earn points for all of these activities.

Hot streaks.

Complete goals, like turning on Auto-Stash (may appear as Set Schedule for some users), which lets you automate how much you want to invest in the market and how often. The longer you go, the more points you’ll get.  Or sit tight and don’t sell any investments for a week, a month, even three months. As you continue investing money for the long haul, and keep it invested, you can also earn more points.

Tailored learning.

We’ll personalize challenges for you based on your risk profile. That means if you’re a conservative investor, you’ll get different lessons from an investor who’s more aggressive.

More points. In previous versions of Stash Coach, the number of points you could earn capped out at 250. We’ve taken it a step further. Now your points can range from Rookie to Greatest of All Time Stasher. (Yes, you can be the GOAT!)


Trust Your Coach

The investing world, with all of its new terms and words, can be intimidating. Our hope is the new Stash Coach can help demystify investing basics, and make investing easier and more transparent. And we want you to have fun as you learn more about your financial life, with the goal of making you a better investor.

At Stash, we’re all about education, not lectures.

Ready to get off the sidelines? Download the app and consult with your Stash Coach. It’s right there in your app, ready to help you win your money life.

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