If you had a nickel for every time you shopped at a grocery store, gas station, or an online retailer over the past several years, you’d probably have a mammoth stack of nickels.

Now, imagine that instead of a nickel, you were being rewarded with stock, or, a small piece of ownership in a company.

Now you can with Stash Stock-Back® Rewards. It’s a new program we’re launching that’s very similar to a cash back program—except you’re earning stock rewards, rather than cash.

And you can only get it by signing up for a Stash Invest and debit account.

What is “Stock-Back” and how do I earn it?

Here’s how it works: Make a purchase with your Stash Debit card1 anywhere nationwide—at more than 11 million U.S. businesses–and get rewards in the form of a fractional share of stock, on us. Pretty simple.

Stock-Back is our proprietary rewards program that lets you earn stock when you spend on qualifying purchases with your Stash debit card. For example, if you buy something from Amazon, you’ll earn AMZN Stock-Back as a reward (on us)2. If the company isn’t available as an investment on our platform, you’ll earn Stock-Back in a Stash-approved ETF3.

So, if you make a purchase at a small, local hardware store, for example, your Stock-Back reward will be from a Stash-approved ETF.

First, you’ll need to sign up for a Stash invest account, and then a Stash bank account4. The stock you earn on qualifying purchases will then be added to your invest account.

How does Stock-Back Rewards compare to other rewards programs?

There are many rewards programs out there. So, how is Stock-Back Rewards different?

The key differentiator is that other rewards programs dish out points or airline miles to users—points or airline miles that typically expire after a predetermined period of time.

Stock, on the other hand, is an asset that has no expiration date, and should appreciate with time. Plus, your airline miles and credit card points won’t offer you dividends that can help you boost your investment account.

Remember, though, that stocks aren’t risk-free investments. Your stock can lose value, just as it can appreciate.

Now you can build your investment portfolio whenever you spend. Get started by signing up for Stash.

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