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Buying a home is the biggest purchase that many of us will ever make, and it usually involves taking on lots of mortgage debt. On this episode of Teach Me How to Money, real estate pro Natali Morris sheds some light on the home buying process, and why it might help to purchase property that produces income.

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What is a mortgage?


A loan that allows you to buy a house or some other property if you don't have all the cash necessary to do so.

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Natali Morris is a former network news anchor turned personal finance educator and motivator. Her specialties include personal finance, business, and technology. She is currently a contributor to CNBC and MSNBC where she was previously an anchor. Prior to that she was an anchor on CBS Interactive. She was also a contributor to CBS News and the TODAY Show. She has also contributed to CNN, ABC News, G4TV, BBC, The CW, Fox News, Fox Business News, and Univision (Spanish-language reporting).


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