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Learning to balance risk with reward in the stock market, starting your own business, and sorting out how much debt you should take on for home and college loans are just a few of the things we talk about on this episode of Teach Me How to Money, with guest Joe Saul-Sehy. In addition to his podcast Stacking Benjamins, Saul-Sehy has advised people about money for decades. His big advice: be sensible about risk when investing, but don’t avoid risk completely.

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Stands for annual percentage rate; it’s how much interest you pay each year on your loans.

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joe saul-sehy
Joe Saul-Sehy is a former financial advisor (16 years) and represented American Express and Ameriprise in the media. An amazing storyteller, Joe is the co-host of two well-loved financial podcasts: “Stacking Benjamins” and “Money with Friends.” He was the “Money Man” at Detroit television WXYZ-TV, appearing twice weekly. He’s appeared in Bride, Best Life, and Child magazines, the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Sun-Times, Detroit News and Baltimore Sun newspapers. He’s also appeared online in more than 200 different places, including CNBC.com and WSJ.com.


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