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Life’s all about the choices you make and on this episode of Teach Me How to Money, financial expert Paula Pant talks about how you can afford anything, if you make the right choices, and prioritize saving. Also, she’ll tell us all about the time she continued to live with roommates, even after she became a millionaire.

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What is passive income?

Passive Income

Income generated without active participation from you, such as from rental income, stock earnings or dividends, and royalties.

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Paula Pant is a podcast host, writer, speaker, and media commentator on financial independence and real estate investing. She is the creator and host of the Afford Anything podcast, which has more than 5 million downloads and is regularly ranked as one of the Top 50 Business podcasts by Apple Podcasts. She is the founder of AffordAnything.com, a personal finance website that draws 2.5 million page views per year and holds more than 52,000 email subscribers.


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