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Ah, your 20s. You’re young, you’re enthusiastic, and yeah, not making a lot of money. Unless you’ve got a trust fund or lucked into a high-paying job right out of college, your 20s can be a time of cheap dinners, roommates, and the feeling like you’re going to be broke forever. Saving money just isn’t easy.

In our 20s, our lifestyles are in flux. Our rent, debts, relationships, and salary at age 21 might not work for us at 29.

Here’s the good thing: Because you’re young, you can be open-minded about changing your financial habits. The older we get, the more locked-in our fears and ideas of what our budgets should become.

Learning how to save money when you’re young won’t just prepare you for retirement. It can pay dividends every day of the year.

Saving money in your 20s

This week, we have the first in a series of two episodes from Erin Lowry, the author of ‘Broke Millennial: Stop Scraping By and Get Your Financial Life Together.’ She offers solid tips and tricks for saving money together in your 20s and beyond.

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