These days you can do almost anything from your phone, including making purchases.

Thanks to digital wallets, you can pay for things in many retail locations simply by tapping your phone on a PIN pad. Fortunately, if you use a digital wallet, you can add Stash’s Stock-Back® Card1 to that wallet and use it for mobile payments.

What’s a digital wallet?

Digital wallets—also known as e-wallets—are payment apps that let customers use their  smartphones to make electronic purchases, either online or in stores at the register. They work by securely storing a customer’s credit and debit card information, much like a physical wallet. This allows customers to get the most out of mobile payments, freeing them from the need to pull out credit cards or cash for purchases.

How you can use your digital wallet with Stash

The Stock-Back® Card works with Samsung Pay™, Google Pay™ (formerly known as Android Pay), and Apple Pay®, three of the most popular digital wallets today.

You can use your digital wallet in stores, by tapping your phone at registers that allow digital wallet payments. The technology used is called near-field communication, or NFC. Basically, that’s a complicated term for an encrypted form of payment that lets the chip in your card communicate directly with a merchant’s register.

You can tell which merchant accepts digital wallets by these logos:

You can also use your digital wallet online, if the merchant accepts digital wallet payments. Simply click on the digital wallet payment option at checkout, and select it for payments. The same thing applies to merchants with their own apps.

How can I add my Stock-Back® card to my digital wallet?

  1. Go to your digital wallet on your phone
  2. Follow the instructions on your device to add your card
  3. Accept the Terms & Conditions
  4. Confirm the security code we send

Is it secure?

Not only can digital wallets make your purchasing process faster and easier, but it can also make it more secure. Digital wallets encrypt banking and personal data, meaning it’s encoded and hidden by software, and it’s also encoded whenever it’s transmitted in a transaction. 

Additionally, most smartphones today come with their own layers of security, including the use of biometrics, to help keep things safe.

Add the Stock-Back® card to your digital wallet so that you can make purchases on your phone and earn stock rewards2 in the process.