March is Women’s History Month, and Stash is celebrating by helping women build stronger financial foundations for themselves. 

Women face a unique set of financial challenges. In the U.S., they tend to earn less money than men do, ask for smaller raises, and they’re also typically behind on retirement savings. Meanwhile, women have been more severely affected by job loss during the Covid-19 pandemic than men have. They represent the majority of layoffs in recent months as the shutdown has closed many businesses and curtailed worker hours. 

Stash’s goal during Women’s History Month is to provide women with the tools to overcome those hurdles and build their financial lives. With that in mind, we’ve put together content especially for women, including suggestions for how you can get started with investing, saving for retirement, and putting together a financial plan. Plus, check out our podcast Teach Me How to Money, featuring women talking about student loans, credit, careers, and more.

Check back with us as we update this page with more stories throughout the month.