Looking for one simple step with a major impact on your Stash? Look no further than Auto-Stash.

The average total amount Stashed (deposited) by Stashers without Auto-Stash on is $338.12. Not too shabby. But now check this out:

The average total amount Stashed by Stashers with Auto-Stash on is $806.75.

Auto-Stash is a relatively new feature, and the median length of time Auto-Stashers have spent on the platform is actually one month less than Stashers without Auto-Stash turned on, so we made a yearly projection, to make it easier to compare.

Check out the Potential screen on your Stash App or the calculator on the Stash Invest homepage to see how much you could save and invest with Auto-Stash. Just one more way Stash is helping you invest with confidence.


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