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We tested it: As of August 2018, Stash customers that kept Auto-Stash turned on for a year saved twice as much on average as Stashers who didn’t. (We also found that if you used Auto-Stash from the Great Recession of 2008 to March 2020, you could’ve doubled your savings.)

Stash customers who had Auto-Stash turned on for a year saved $1,432. Customers who didn’t? $665.59.

That’s a big difference.

See below for methodology and disclaimer1

What is Auto-Stash?

Auto-Stash is a suite of three different tools—Set Schedule, Round-Ups, and Smart-Stash. These tools are designed to help you invest regularly in your portfolio, by putting your investing strategy on automatic.

With Set Schedule, you can easily build a schedule to save and invest a set amount. You select the amount you want to set aside, when and how often you want to set it aside, and whether you’d like Stash to automatically invest it in your ETFs and stocks, or simply place the money in your cash to invest balance.

If you choose to enroll in Round-Ups, Stash will round up your purchase to the nearest dollar every time you spend with the debit card associated with your linked checking account. For example, if you spend $10.50, we’ll automatically round up your purchase by $.50. Once your savings add up to $5 or more, we’ll transfer the spare change to your personal investment account cash to invest balance. From there, you can invest it into any of Stash’s investment offerings.

Smart-Stash is designed to help you save your spare cash by analyzing your spending and earning patterns. Smart-Stash studies your recurring transactions, such as rent or mortgage payments, as well as how often and how much you typically get paid, and then sets aside small amounts of money. You can set your maximum transfer to $5, $10, or $25, which we’ll move to your cash to invest balance once you have accumulated enough funds.

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Convince me, why should I Auto-Stash?

Making small deposits and investments on a regular basis is one of the keys to smart investing. When you invest a little bit on a regular basis, you don’t need to worry about picking the right time to invest. If you invest on a schedule, you’ll get some at a higher price, and some at a bargain and your average price will be somewhere in the middle.

Regular investing has dollar-cost averaging benefits, is a key part of the Stash Way.

One thing to remember: When turning on Auto-Stash is that this money will be taken out of your account automatically so if you don’t have enough money to cover the Auto-Stash, your bank may charge you an overdraft fee.

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