Stocking stuffers aren’t supposed to be grand. They’re supposed to be small and thoughtful, a lovely hint for the joy a good cheer (and gifts) ahead.

There’s no need to drop a lot of dough on stocking stuffers. Here are some fun ideas from all of us at the Stash team. And all of them $5 and under.

7 Stocking Stuffers for $5 and Under


This classic toy is great for sending down the stairs or teaching kids that it doesn’t need a plug or a screen to be fun. This lesson may be short-lived but at least the adults will enjoy it.

Socks, from $5,

People knock socks as the ultimate downer holiday gift. But on laundry day, when your giftee is out of socks and realizes that there’s that extra pair from you? Hero.

Huge gummy bear, $3.99,

Anyone can give the gift of candy. But a massive 14 oz gummy bear? That will make you the hit of the holiday party. Caution: Don’t eat it all in one sitting or you may end up feeling like Rudolf the Horribly Nauseated Reindeer.

Star Wars trading cards, $5,

Before VR and CGI there was the Jedi. Harken back to a time when the Force was portable and you could trade it with your friends.

Science-themed stickers, $3,

They’re not just for kids. A great sticker can liven up a laptop, a notebook, or a skateboard.

Earplugs $4.29,

Functional, perfect for plane travel, and ideal for trying to get some sleep in a house full of noisy holiday guests.

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